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Critical Information Summary

Sky Muster™ Plus Plans

Traffic Profiles & Shaping Policy


Your network traffic is profiled and speed limited (shaped) by nbn co according to its
shaping policy and three traffic profiles. Any of your traffic that does not match one of
the traffic profiles (Metered Content) will be counted against your Peak Data
Allowance during Peak Hours (7:00 am to 1:00 am the next day) and your Off-Peak
Data Allowance during Off-Peak Hours (1:00 am to 7:00 am).

If you exceed your Peak Data Allowance, Metered Content will be shaped to
512/256 kbps during Peak Hours until the end of the calendar month. The service must
not be used to exceed the Peak Data Allowance by more than 30 GB each calendar

If you exceed your Off-Peak Data Allowance, Metered Content will be shaped to
2048/512 kbps during Off-Peak Hours until the end of the calendar month. The
service must not be used to exceed the Off-Peak Data Allowance by more than 30 GB
each calendar month.
Traffic that matches Profile 1 (“Basic Web Content”) is not shaped at any time but the
service must not be used for excessive, automated downloads of such content. This
profile includes text and images but excludes audio, video, peer to peer, file sharing and
cloud storage content.

Traffic that matches Profile 2 (“Email”) is not shaped at any time but the service must
not be used to routinely transfer emails larger than 20 MB.

Traffic that matches Profile 3 (“Operating System Updates”) is not shaped at any time
but the service must not be used to update more than twenty devices per calendar

month. This profile only includes updates for certain operating systems on mobile
phones and personal computers.

The three traffic profiles and shaping policy are governed by nbn co, not Norfolk Island
Data Services, and the policy may change from time to time. nbn co may start shaping
“Operating System Updates” to 256 kbps between 7:00 pm and 11:00 pm. We will
notify you in advance of such changes. VPN or other inscrutable traffic: will not match
any of the above profiles; will be classed by nbn co as Metered Content; and will be
counted against one of your data allowances.

If you believe that some of your traffic is being erroneously classed as Metered
Content, we can, on your behalf, ask nbn co to investigate its profiles. We do not
guarantee that your particular web, email or operating system update traffic will be
matched by one of nbn co’s profiles or that nbn co will update its profiles to match your
particular traffic or operating system.

Peak Hours, Off-Peak Hours and other periods are defined by nbn co and apply to the
time zone in which your service is located.

Plan Changes

You may change your plan once per calendar month, effective at the start of the next
calendar month. We do not charge plan change fees.

Data Blocks

Data Blocks aren’t available yet so they cannot be used to increase your Peak or Off-
Peak Data Allowance nor can they be used to remove speed limiting that nbn co may
apply to Metered Content for your service.

Data Usage

Your data-usage notifications will be emailed to your nominated email address when
your data usage reaches certain limits, 50%, 85% and 100%. You can also contact us at
any time to check on your usage.

Data Speeds

All Sky Muster™ Plus services are supplied by nbn co with the same bandwidth profile.
Under certain conditions on the nbn™ network, some services may be able to burst
above the Peak Information Rate of 25/5 Mbps. If the satellite modem at your
premises is used to supply multiple services, its maximum aggregate throughput limit
of 60/20 Mbps may affect the ability of the supplied services to achieve maximum
speed simultaneously.

Neither the Peak Information Rate, burst feature, the speed limit (when shaped) or the
maximum aggregate bandwidth (of the modem) indicate what data speed your service
will typically achieve. They are just descriptions of the limitations of the layer 2

network used to supply service on nbn co’s network. Networking overheads mean that
the (layer 3) data speed that can be achieved by your service will always be lower than
the layer 2 limitations of the network.

A range of factors can affect the speed of your service, including congestion on the
nbn™ network. The actual effect of these may not be ascertained until after the service
is activated.

Fair Use

Under nbn co's Fair Use Policy, services must not be used to connect neighbouring
premises; support carrier or service provider data aggregation applications that result
in substantial and continuous network throughput; support a carrier or service
provider interconnection; bypass the application of shaping by being disconnected and
reactivated; or match a traffic profile not intended by nbn co. Network bonding or load
sharing of multiple services is forbidden by nbn co.
Rule violations may lead to lead to nbn co deprioritising your traffic, negatively
affecting your data speed, or Norfolk Island Data Services suspending your service.

Satellite Latency

Certain online games and other highly-interactive software (for example, share trading
and live streaming) which require a low network-latency to operate are known to
perform poorly, or not at all, on broadband services that are supplied via a
geostationary satellite. Therefore we deem the service as unsuitable for those

Priority Assistance

If you have a life-threatening medical condition or live with someone that does, please
seek an alternatve type of service that supports Priority Assistance. No nbn™
Sky Muster™ Plus service supports Priority Assistance.

Power Outages

nbn co does not offer a battery backup service. Therefore, during mains power
disruptions, you will not be able to use your service or make emergency phone calls
with it.

Customer Service

Customer service can be contacted on +6723 22427. Alternative contact details and
opening hours can be found at

Customer Complaints

If you’re not happy with your broadband service, you may wish to raise a complaint via
the Customer Complaint Resolution Process which can be found at .

Industry Ombudsman

In the unlikely event that you’re still not happy after following the process above, you
may wish to refer your complaint to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman.
The ombudsman can be contacted on 1800 062 058 and alternative contact details can
be found at

Connecting Equipment

nbn co retains ownership of any Connecting Equipment it installs to connect your
premises to its network. For example, the satellite dish, modem, power supply and
coaxial cabling.


The offer does not depend on bundling with other services.

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