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Norfolk Island Data Services Customer Service Guarantee Waiver

This waiver applies to any Norfolk Island Data Services Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service. The waiver takes effect from the date you accept the waiver proposal and submit your application to Norfolk Island Data Services.


Norfolk Island Data Services is a low cost VoIP (Internet Phone) provider offering bundled internet with included phone services and significantly lower call costs and included calls, but is only able to do so on the basis that it is not required to meet the performance standards set out in the CSG. The ability to connect your VoIP service also relies on the connection of an internet service to your premises which is outside the control of Norfolk Island Data Services.


You have been directed to this form because you wish to acquire a Norfolk Island Data Services VoIP plan in respect of which Norfolk Island Data Services proposes that you waive the rights and protections under the Telecommunications (Customer Service Guarantee) Standard 2011 (CSG). If you do not wish to waive those rights, Norfolk Island Data Services will not be able to supply a VOIP service to you.


The CSG is a guarantee that is prescribed under the Telecommunications (Consumer Protection and Service Standards) Act 1999 and gives consumers certain rights in connection with standard telephone services. These rights include:


1. The right to be provided with information about the CSG and the performance standards applicable under it;


2. The right to receive compensation if a standard telephone service is not connected within a specified timeframe;


3. The right to receive compensation if a fault or service difficulty exists on a standard telephone service and is not rectified within a specified timeframe;


4. The right to receive compensation if Norfolk Island Data Services misses an appointment with a customer with whom Norfolk Island Data Services has made an appointment in connection with the standard telephone service.


The specified timeframes and the amounts of compensation vary based on the customer location, the nature of the infrastructure available at the customer site and the length of time during which default has occurred. As an example of the range of compensation, compensation for an unrepaired fault ranges from $14.52 to $48.40 per day and compensation for a missed appointment ranges from $14.52 to $24.20. Full details of the compensation is available on the ACMA website at


By agreeing to this proposal you are wholly waiving your rights and protections under the CSG and are not able to make a claim against Norfolk Island Data Services for compensation under the CSG in connection with the Norfolk Island Data Services VoIP (individual or bundled) service that you have acquired. Norfolk Island Data Services of 3B Taylors Rd, Norfolk Island NSW 2899 Ph: +6723 22427 is proposing this waiver, however you are under no obligation to consent to the wavier. Please be aware that under section on 31 of the CGS Standard 2011 a provider may choose to not supply a customer with a service if the customer refuses to agree to a waiver proposal.

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